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Aggressive Inline
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With the ever increasing popularity of skateboarding games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater comes many spinoffs. So far we have seen surfing, bmx and snowboarding. But no rollerblading, thats about to end now since Aggressive Inline is here. In Aggressive Inline players are given a list of challenges to complete. Unlike other extreme sports games where you must complete every challenge to beat the game, Aggressive Inline simply challenges players to obtain a score and complete one or more challenges from the list. Doing so, you will advance to the next level without worrying about completing the other challenges. Each level also contains stat upgrades, which will boost your grind, spins, speed or jumps. The view is isometric and so is all the other GameBoy Advance extreme sports games. But the first extreme sports game to have the view was 720 and Aggressive Inline borrowed a few things from it. For example in some levels you must complete the challenges and reach the goal before time runs out or skate around the cones without touching it. Theres no bees to worry about. If you love extreme sports games or if you're a casual gamer interested in buying one extreme sports game, be sure to check out Aggressive Inline.

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Aggressive Inline Info

Genre: Extreme Sports
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Acclaim
Save: Password

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