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Big Mutha Trucker
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The popular trucking simulator, Big Mutha Trucker, is now hauling its way onto the GameBoy Advance. In Big Mutha Trucker, big mama is done with her trucking business and wants to pass the business down to one of her children, the problem is which one? A 60 day competition begins, in this competition whoever makes the most money will own the business. Big Mutha Trucker is mainly a driving game, but does have some sim elements thrown in. Players will haul cargo from city to city, but the type of cargo affects your pay. Each cities has their needs and are willing to pay top dollar for certain supplies. Every city in Big Mutha Trucker has a bar where players can gain tips on which cargo is profitable at which city. Rigs can be upgraded in many stats, whethers its speed, armor, brakes or storage capacity. More upgrades and cargo such as bulldozers and platinum will become available later in the game. The road is without it's own dangers, biker gangs will attempt to damage your cargo and cops will start chasing if you drive too wrecklessly. Big Mutha Trucker is being released as a budget title and is out now.

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Big Mutha Trucker Info

Genre: Driving
Save: Battery

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