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Bubble Bobble Old & New
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  • Bubble Bobble Old & New
  • Bubble Bobble Old & New
  • Bubble Bobble Old & New

Bubble Bobble Old & New brings back the classic NES version of Bubble in Old and in New, updates the classic NES version with new graphics. In Bubble Bobble, Bub and Bob must go down the Cave of Monsters to save their girlfriends. The gameplay of Bubble Bobble consists of trapping enemies in bubbles and then popping the bubble to defeat the enemy inside. The goal is to defeat all enemies to be transported to the next stage where more enemies await. Once enemies are defeated they leave behind various types of bonus items such as diamonds, candies and ice-cream which add to your score. Power ups can be found inside bubbles floating around in the stage, some of them are elemental that allows Bub and Bob shoot fireballs out of their mouth or send thunder bolts toward enemies. Some bubbles contain water that allows Bub and Bob to quickly travel through the level by riding a wave catching enemies with it. If you remembered the fun of the classic NES version of Bubble Bobble or want to catch up on a classic series, Bubble Bobble Old & New may be for you.

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Bubble Bobble Old & New Info

Genre: Classic
Publisher: Taito
Developer: Taito
Players: 1-2 (Single Pak/Multi Pak)
Save: Battery

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