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Double Dragon Advance
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If you were playing games during the NES era, theres a good chance you've played Double Dragon. Now the original is being remade with new graphics and remixed tunes for the GameBoy Advance. Marian has been kidnapped and now its up to the Lee brothers, Jimmy and Billy to rescue her. Double Dragon Advance builds on top of everything from the original with some new additions. One of which is that levels are no longer flat, some levels offer various elevations which can affect the fight. Other additions include a new mode called Double Dragon where you can control both Jimmy and Billy Lee, by switching between them with the Select button. Along with recognizable classic enemies, Double Dragon Advance adds some new ones like men in black who trap Jimmy and Billy in a crazy combo and then fix their tie to top it off. Double Dragon Advance has a 2 player co op mode then can be played with two copies of the game. Its good to have help since various enemies will surround you and attack with anything from a baseball bat to a deadly axe. Double Dragon Advance features eight levels for the main game and a survival mode to test your lasting power.

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Double Dragon Advance Info

Genre: Beat em Up
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Million
Save: None

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