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When the original GameBoy came out, everyone had to get Tetris for it. Now with the GameBoy Advance, a new puzzler is here that adds a whole new twist on Tetris. Introducing Fortress, build your own fortress by fitting pieces together. Certain combinations will build walls, towers and other goodies. Bonuses will also drop like canons to attack your opponent's fortress, guards that will repair damage done to your fortress or a very brave warrior who plants explosives on your enemey's fortress. With the right combination of pieces, a wizard tower can be built where beasts such as dragons can be summoned to aid you in battle. There are different ages that players can choose to build their fortress in, from prehistoric to the space age. Fortress also offers three modes of play, battle is where you build your fortress and after a certain amount of time the battle will start. Blitz is where there is no time and the battle starts when the first piece is in place. Tournament uses a ladder system where you must win rounds to become the champion. If you are in need of a puzzler, Fortress is for you.

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Genre: Puzzle
Save: None

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