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Gunstar Super Heroes
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Gunstar Super Heroes is made by treasure, who also made the original Gunstar Heroes ten years ago for Sega Genesis. In Gunstar Super Heroes, the hero team of Red, Blue and Yellow must stop the evil empire from reviving the God of Ruin. Its a race for the power crystals which can be found on the multiple moons that circle Earth. The gameplay of Gunstar Super Heroes varies from Xevious styled sequences to saving little chicks from predators to finding your way through a board game, but for the most part, stuff will be blown up to pieces in this 2D sidescrolling shooter. The two playable characters, Red and Blue, each has their own unique weapons and abilities. You can use any weapon without worrying about running out of ammo, instead your weapon gains energy from use. Build up weapon energy by blasting enemies, once enough energy is stored, that weapon's special ability can be used. Along with firing weapons, Red and Blue can also slash enemies with a sword, slide into them and perform a arial uppercut or flying kick in air. Another aspect of Gunstar Superheroes is all the different vehicles from choppers, mechs, to standing on top of Yellow's ship, which all add completely different gameplay elements. No true action fan would feel complete without playing Gun Star Super Heroes.

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Gunstar Super Heroes Info

Genre: Action
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Treasure
Save: Battery

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