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Kill.Switch is a third person shooter and there isn't many of those available on the GameBoy Advance. In Kill.Switch you are a Military Operative sent to troubled areas around the world. Since you are alone, your survival depends on how the 3D environment is used. Hide behind crates, barrels, walls, cars or whatever you can find to take cover and open fire on the enemy. If you can't hide, then throw a flash gernade to blind enemies temporarily. There is so much strategy involved that running and shooting kamikaze style will get you killed. Each weapon's accuracy is based on it's real life counterpart. AKs get less accurate the farther it is from the target, shotguns do more damage at close range, etc. So even if your aim is perfect, your weapon of choice affects your chances of hitting the target. Attention to detail makes Kill.Switch a unique shooter for the the GameBoy Advance.

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Kill.Switch Info

Genre: Shooter
Developer: DSI Games
Save: Battery

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