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Mario Tennis: Power Tour
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  • Mario Tennis: Power Tour
  • Mario Tennis: Power Tour
  • Mario Tennis: Power Tour

After the success of Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Nintendo is now following up with Mario Tennis: Power Tour. Mario Tennis: Power Tour continues the tradition of a stat building role playing career mode where players can compete in either Singles or Doubles matches. Like Mario Golf, the Power Tour career mode will remind you of Golden Sun since they are all made by Camelot. The gameplay of Mario Tennis Power Tour is the same as Mario Tennis games of the past; fast paced tennis with charged power shots that can be used to save the ball or send a rocket shot past your opponents. In Power Tour, your character starts out as a rookie and must win ranking matches to make it to the Island Open championship. Stats can be fully customized for your character and computer controlled partner as they level up. If more power is needed, there are training centers where work out minigames can be played to upgrade stats in single categories such as speed and control. Mario Tennis: Power Tour supports four player wireless or linked play, but unlike Mario Golf: Advance Tour, it doesn't link up to the GameCube version. Which may be a drawback for some.

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Mario Tennis: Power Tour Info

Genre: Sports
Released: December 5, 2005
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Camelot
Save: Battery

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